Saturday, 2 August 2014

Five Ways to Ensure You Pack the Perfect Suitcase

The best way to make sure your holiday starts off well is by properly packing your suitcase. For many of us it's a bridge we cross only when we come to it – and frantically. Leaving it until half an hour or so before you're scheduled to set out for the airport is no good, as you're bound to forget at least one essential item, and will probably pack way too much of something else.

There's no definitive way to pack for a holiday, as locations and durations can greatly differ. However, there are a few things all suitcase-packers should consider. Here are a few pointers:

1. Pick a Practical Suitcase

The size of your suitcase will depend largely on the length of your trip, as for a two-week holiday you would of course need more luggage than you would for a weekend away. In either scenario you should take one that has enough space for everything and is easy to carry and wheel around. We have a large selection of great value suitcases that are ideal for any holidaymaker.

2. Check the Forecasts

Researching the weather prior to your trip might seem like obvious advice, but it's essential to packing a good suitcase. A forecast will give you a good point of reference and a much better idea of what sort of clothes you should take. Your destination's typical conditions might not prevail while you're there.

3. Rolling Instead of Folding

A good trick for avoiding heavy creasing, particularly in T-shirts, is rolling them into bundles instead of folding. It can also save you quite a lot of space sometimes as well – especially towards the end of a trip when you have souvenirs to fit in. Rolling your clothes can be a very useful tactic if you will be travelling round on your holiday and staying in more than one hotel, as it will keep creases to a minimum.

4. Sun Creams

One of the main reasons we go on holiday is to enjoy some much-needed sunshine. To make sure your skin remains protected against the sun and is allowed to tan nicely, you should invest in a range of different sun creams and tanning lotions. This leads us nicely on to the final piece of advice...

5. Make Sure Liquids are Separately Wrapped

Sun creams, deodorants, shower gels, shampoos and any other such liquids should all be wrapped up together in a bag (or several) before you put them in your suitcase with your clothes and other items.

The last thing any holidaymaker wants to see when they unzip their case upon arrival at the hotel is clothes covered in sun cream from a burst bottle. It's also important to bear in mind that no bottles in hand luggage can have more than a 100ml capacity.

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