Friday, 15 November 2013

Get Festive: Men’s Christmas Jumpers at TJ Hughes

It may not be December just yet, but we just can’t help getting into the festive spirit after checking out these new men’s Christmas jumpers by Hutson Harbour. Nothing beats a novelty Christmas jumper - perfect for putting a humorous spin on your Christmas day look, these jumpers won’t look out of place when you carve that turkey or as you enjoy a well-deserved Christmas Day bevvie!

From Christmas puds and snowman patterns to jumpers that feature Father Christmas himself, Christmas jumpers by Hutson Harbour will make great gifts for Christmas Day – you can kit out Dad, Grandad and the rest of the family in these fun and funky jumpers!

Here at TJ Hughes we are gearing up for Christmas, and in addition to our collection of Christmas jumpers you will also find all of those Christmas essentials including artificial Christmas trees and indoor/ outdoor Christmas lights.

We haven’t forgotten about gifts for the whole family either – take a browse through our online store to discover everything from cheap perfume andaftershave to super fun toys and games for the kids.

5 weeks to go…get ready for Christmas with TJ Hughes.


  1. Dear TJ Hughes

    I would like to think of myself as a very loyal customer to this store. I go to the Newcastle upon Tyne store every week with my granddaughter Layla for shopping.
    I was horrified when a member of staff I was asking for help, called me a stupid bitch to another staff member, in front of Layla when I was asking about radiators. I found out his name was Matthew. This individual proceeded to talk to me like I was stupid once I got upset. He is about 5'6 with dark hair and blue eyes.
    Every company should employ staff who treat customers accordingly. If I am spending my money in your store, yet get ridiculed for it, it hardly seems worth coming to your store any longer.
    I have made a point of telling other relatives and friends about this service I received. I do not see how your company is still functioning if you hire people such as these. I have also written to the Evening Chronicle.
    I only hope you have CCTV cameras to see your employees aren't also stealing !


    Danielle Lorraine

  2. This is great, Men’s Christmas Jumpers at TJ Hughes are finally available also at the dublin costume shop - costumes. The TJ Hughes have been gearing up for Christmas finally, this is great, hoping for more on this though, good post.