Friday, 24 May 2013

A Healthy BBQ Season with George Foreman Grills

Summer is the time of year that we all aim to achieve that bikini body! If you are watching what you eat this season, you will be happy to hear that you can still enjoy the British summer pastime that is the tasty barbeque thanks to the George Foreman Indoor/ Outdoor grill.

George Foreman grills are a guilt-free way of cooking all of your favourite barbequed meals. The George Foreman Indoor or Outdoor Grill or BBQ gives you the chance to cook up everything from succulent chicken kebabs to tasty pork chops – without having to worry too much about the fat content of what you are about to eat!

  The reason why George Foreman grills are so healthy is that they operate from a fat reducing design, in the case of the indoor/outdoor grill or BBQ, this grill features an innovative non-stick grease catcher in the centre of the cooking grate – meaning that grease is removed from the meat as you cook it rather than absorbed into it.

 The outdoor/ indoor grill of BBQ can be presented on a stand when used outdoors – so you still get that complete BBQ experience! The generous size of the George Foreman grill or BBQ can be used to cook up to 13 portions – ideal for those big family BBQs.

Offering exceptional value for money, when BBQ season is over, simply remove the BBQ from the stand to take advantage of using the grill for indoor use all year round.

Keep it healthy and lean with George Foreman electric grills available to buy online at TJ Hughes.

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