Friday, 5 April 2013

Begin your Summer of Gardening with a New Greenhouse

Now that April has arrived, summer days are firmly within our sights. Summer is the perfect opportunity to start getting all green fingered in the garden through plotting plants, planting vegetables and generally giving the whole lawn a good tidy up. One way to really enjoy everything that your lawn space has to offer is by adding a greenhouse to your garden. At TJ Hughes, we offer cheap greenhouses in a number of sizes so you can easily add a greenhouse to gardens both large and small.

 If you are interested in adding a greenhouse to your garden, here are a few gardening jobs that you can be getting on with during April:

 1) A greenhouse is the perfect place for anyone who wants to plant their own herbs such as basil, chives, fennel and parsley. To ensure your herbs are planted perfectly, April is the best time to sow your herbs. Make sure you sow them into pots or trays and keep them stored on a shelf within the greenhouse – Once they’re ready, they will be ideal for sprinkling flavour onto summer BBQ burgers, steaks and chicken drumsticks!

2) Nothing says summer quite like a garden full of vibrant coloured blooms! Make sure you have enough time to plant those gorgeous summer plants by planting flowers such as agapanthus and nerines – by the time they have fully bloomed they will become beautiful additions to any garden space.

April marks the start of summer and also the arrival of those pesky pets! Ants and slugs can feast upon a number of plants that you keep stored away in your greenhouse. To avoid any pests simply carry out regular checks of your greenhouse and treat any plants that have fallen victim to pests separately, cleaning your greenhouse frequently can also help to keep pests at bay.

Plan a tidy up of your greenhouse in April. When June comes around it is time to sow seeds such as beetroot, lettuce, cabbage and peas so you will need plenty of space in your greenhouse if you plan on growing your own delicious food.

Enjoy everything that a summer of gardening has to offer by getting busy in your own garden thanks to a greenhouse! Browse the complete range of high quality and beautifully designed cheap greenhouses available to buy now online at TJ Hughes.

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